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Test for termites and other wood-boring insects

While we offer a comprehensive inspection program, it is in your best interest to consider asking about some of our optional tests to make sure that you know everything you need to know about your home.

When you hire Allied Home Inspection, LLC for your inspection, you rest assured that your inspector is licensed by the state of Connecticut with a termite "S" license that allows them to conduct your wood destroying insect inspection and sign off on your National Pest Control Association Form NPCA-1.

Termite inspection

Termites, such as the Eastern subterranean termite, are the most damaging species of insect that a homeowner must look out for.


Termite damage should be treated like any other repair, and should be addressed once the damage is detected or discovered.

Carpenter ants and bees

The carpenter ant is frequently found in homes, and is the largest of our local ants.  These ants will nest in wood like that found in your home.


Carpenter bees are similar to bumble bees in appearance; however they tend to drill half-inch diameter holes into wood for their nests

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Water quality analysis

The state of Connecticut Department of Health and Addition Services reports that there are more than 1,200 wells with contaminants in them.


We will sample the water and test for potability, organic compounds, and nitrates. Your final report will give recommendations for any failed tests.

Well water quantity testing

The first test you can request is called a flow test. This test includes inspection of well pumps and determines the rate of flow.


You can also request a yield test which is more definitive and involves a licensed plumber to confirm your well is producing enough water.

Have your well water tested

For those of you with wells, there are two tests you'll want to consider including in your inspection, these tests involve checking for contaminants as well as the water quantity test.

Radon testing

The possibility exists for your home to have radon gas, a colorless, odorless gas that seeps into your foundation or basement from the surrounding soil.


We are EPA qualified and state certified to conduct radon and water testing and can suggest actions to reduce the risk if it's found.

Lead paint screening

Lead is a neurotoxin commonly found in lead-based paint found in old homes is a danger to both children and adults in the home.


If you suspect lead paint was used in the home and you were not informed under Title X regulations, we are state certified as lead inspectors.

Other tests you can request

Below you'll find the other tests we can run for you, including testing for asbestos, radon, EMF, and formaldehyde gas. Our inspectors, upon your request, can test for these potential problems and include their findings in your final report.

Septic system dye test

Nobody wants a failed septic tank as part of their new home. You should have your septic system cleaned and inspected every three years.


Our dye test is safe for your plumbing system and will not stain or harm it. No digging or destruction of the area surrounding it is required.

Asbestos inspection

Asbestos is a harmful mineral fiber that was added to many materials to strengthen them and provide fire resistance as well as heat insulation.


Our basic inspection includes a visual examination for asbestos; however you can request a more detailed test of suspected materials.

Electromagnetic fields

The EPA has issued a statement that EMFs are a possible, but not proven, cause of cancer in humans, and there is evidence that it causes leukemia.


While there is no government standard for EMF, our tests can determine if your home is at risk of a high level field.

Formaldehyde gas

Older homes may have UFFI as their insulation material, which has been known to emit formaldehyde and aggravate lung diseases and asthma.


We can test the air in your home and make sure UFFI (as well as any other potential sources) are not emitting formaldehyde into your home.