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South Glastonbury, CT

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When you hire Allied Home Inspection, LLC you can trust that you'll receive the most comprehensive report possible to help ensure you are making the right investment in a new property.

Protect your family from the dangers of radon gas with our radon test. We'll help make sure that this colorless, odorless gas is not seeping up from your foundation and basement.

Make sure your investment is free of termite damage that could cost you thousands in repairs and replacements.

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Getting your well water supply tested is important to make sure that is free of harmful contaminates such as bacteria and harmful chemicals.

Per the EPA, EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are a "possible, but not proven cause of cancer in humans." You can make sure your home is safe with one of our EMF tests.

Older homes can potentially have dangerous asbestos mineral fibers mixed in their building materials. We offer an optional asbestos inspection to test various materials from your home for this carcinogen.

Dampness inside your home can lead to mold growing in your walls and basement. This mold will then release potentially toxic spores.

Our inspection can help make certain your home and family are safe.

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